What should i bring to the PHOTO SHOOT?

  • Yourself! (well duh!)

  • Water because we will be walking and it will be hot!

  • If you would like to bring props such as balloons, bubbles, champagne bottles, glitter, signs, etc please feel free to!

  • For girls wearing heels, I highly suggest bringing an extra pair of comfortable shoes to walk around in.

  • For graduation shoots, sashes/stoles should be brought. Caps and gowns can be brought but aren’t required

I'm not a model, what if i don't know how to pose?

It can be awkward posing a camera! But do not, worry, come with confidence and I will pose you and angle shots to get the best version of yourself!

How long will photos take to edit?

I promise to edit the photos within two weeks (14 days to be exact), though there are cases were I have edited photos sooner. This is all depending on how much work I have during school (because remember I am a student too!) or other photography shoots to edit.


can i have the unedited (raw) photos?

Typically photographers do not give out .RAW files of the unedited photos they take, and I also follow this rule. To simply put it, photographers put in a lot of work to edit your photos, we spend hours to give you finished pieces and to create a style of editing that is unique to each photographer. If we gave out unedited photos, we’d be like painters giving out half-finished paintings. It is out of respect for the photographer that clients do not ask for RAW/unedited photos.

I do allow photos to be viewed from my laptop and I personally allow my clients to look at the photos after the shooting session so that you can look and choose which photos you would like me to edit!